Testimonial of Ashley, 79 nights with Dreem

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Testimonial of Ashley, 79 nights with Dreem

“Before an important day, I always say: I need to wear the headband.” Ashley, 79 nights with Dreem

Hi Ashley! Why is it important for you to have a good night’s sleep?

Sleep has always been important to me and I’d like to understand more about how it works. I want to feel refreshed in the morning — I am a very active person, I have long hard days at work and I also exercise in the evening. Actually, I’m not seeking performance, I’m just looking for a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed in the morning.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

I don’t have any difficulty falling asleep. I fall asleep quite fast. But I sleep very lightly. A burglar once broke into my house and since then I think I can’t sleep deeply. The slightest noise wakes me up, so I’m “half-sleeping” during the night. I wanted to know if it was OK and how I could improve that.

Have you tried any other connected devices to sleep better?

Yes, I tried a connected watch however it is a passive connected device, it’s not active. It didn’t really provide much information. I was only given the lengths of the deep and light sleep stage. It didn’t detect REM sleep and it’s based on heart rate. This was when I started searching for more information about sleep. It was then only natural to try the Dreem headband and it turned out to be much more conclusive.

The quantity of information and the range of data displayed in the Dreem app is much more interesting.

Ashley, how long did it take to feel the effects of the headband?

I don’t think it’s easy to recognize the immediate effects of the headband. Because it’s a process. The headband is learning by itself. It’s improving depending on the people who are using it. That’s why Artificial Intelligence is so interesting here. Coupled with big data, the algorithm adapts to your brain and the calibration of the device depends on you.

Now, what are the effects of the Dreem Band on your sleep?

For me, the main effect of the headband has been that my self-confidence has increased (don’t laugh!). Especially at work. I’ve always had difficulties in public speaking.

This improvement, this self-confidence that I’m currently experiencing, is correlated with the use of the headband. So I don’t know what role the headband played, but I think there’s undoubtedly a link.

The headband is not addictive, but before an important day, where I have a lot of meetings, where I’ll need to give a top performance, I always say: “I need to wear the headband.” There may be a placebo effect but I have to admit that Dreem is part of my daily routine now.

As an athlete (squash, running, Crossfit), why are you interested in the Dreem Band?

On one hand I need to feel refreshed at work, but on the other hand, I have a very active and demanding lifestyle. I do a lot of sports, almost every day. It’s not easy to be up to the job during the day and to practice sports in the evening without getting injured. I’m really afraid of being injured since I practice sport at a competitive level. If I get hurt, it changes a lot of things. Everyone knows that performance depends on sleep. And I’ll perform even better if my sleep is regenerating. This is another reason why I use the Dreem Band.

Do you use the Smart Alarm?

Smart Alarm is very interesting. Firstly because it allows me to put my headband on, to launch my program for the night and to leave my phone in another room. Because it’s not very safe to keep your phone in the bedroom.

Secondly, I admit that I like waking up feeling energized — many people wake up during the REM or Deep Sleep phase but the headband prevents that very well. So I do use the Smart Alarm.

Do you use the Dreem application in the morning?

Yes, I’ve learned a lot from my sleep data. I like to compare myself to the average user, find out about their different sleep stages, how long they lasted when they went to bed when they woke up…

To conclude Ashley, are you satisfied with the Dreem Band?

I’m very happy with the relationship I have with the Dreem project and the headband has brought me a lot. I think it’s only the beginning. It must continue and I’m ready to test the latest headbands if possible!

Thanks, Ashley for coming and testifying about your Dreem experience!


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