Sleep Solutions



So you have insomnia and are looking at the different treatments. You’ve heard the term CBT before, but how can it help someone with your condition?

Meditation & Relaxation

In order to fall asleep, one needs to be ready to fall asleep. If you aren’t relaxed, it will be more difficult to do so. This is where meditation and relaxation can help.

Melatonin & Natural aids

Did you know that there are more natural alternatives to sleeping pills? Melatonin, certain types of plants, and relaxation tasks can be used to help you get to sleep.

Sleep Trackers

The appeal of knowing how you sleep is there, but what can this help you do? By using a sleep tracker and program, you can note what behaviors and nighttime routines work best for you. 

Sleeping Pills

If you struggle with sleeping, you might consider taking sleeping pills. But what are they exactly, and are there any drawbacks to adding these pills to your nightly routine?


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