Chloé, 15 nights with the Dreem headband

“Best of all, I feel more energized in the morning.”

Hi Chloé! Tell us more about you, do you have trouble sleeping?

I’ve had sleep issues for a very long time, I think I was born with them! My problem is that I can’t fall asleep. Once I’m sleeping, it’s fine! But I’m a true insomniac. I have trouble falling asleep so I do anything to delay bedtime because I know I won’t be able to sleep. In the long run, this has consequences in my daily life; I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I’m stressed impacts both my social and professional life.

Have you ever tried any other solutions to improve the quality of your sleep?

I used sleeping pills for a while but I didn’t like how I felt when I woke up. I slept a lot but I couldn’t get out of the bed in the morning.

How did you find out about Dreem?

I think I saw an ad on Twitter. I’m really interested in tech innovations. I applied for the tester program as sleep is really important to me. I was contacted a few days afterwards and someone from Dreem staff asked if I still wanted to become a tester. I was excited because it was an interesting concept plus I desperately needed more sleep!

The fact that the headband uses very new innovative technology also made me want to try.

What was your first impression of the Dreem headband?

When I received it I was worried it wouldn’t fit my head. But actually the headband doesn’t get in the way at all when it’s positioned properly. I was impressed by all the lights, buttons, mobile application to download.. it was easy to use!

Did you need time to adapt?

Not really. Since there are a lot of sleep induction options, I looked for one that would best suit me. I didn’t find it immediately. Otherwise I didn’t have any difficulties sleeping with the headband.

Can you tell us about your first night with the Dreem headband?

I adjusted the sound and as soon as the program started, I just focused on the recording and it all went well.

How do you feel the effects of the Dreem headband on your daily life?

Best of all, I feel more energized in the morning. And not as if I’ve just taken something heavy, like the sleeping pills! I’m not over-excited; I feel fit, calmer and more serene.

What is your favorite sleep induction feature?

I love the “camping” or “forest” program. This program tells a story, like a movie in your head.There is a little scenario — we can see the sunset, the campsite, someone opens the tent fabric, a train passes by, birds sing.. It really helped me to fall asleep. I’ve used it 15 times, it really is my favourite.

And now? Do you fall asleep faster?

I still need some time, but it’s gone from 2 hours to 30–40 minutes with the headband. For example I didn’t put the headband on last night — and it took me 6 hours to fall asleep.

So the headband really helps. Sometimes I have to put a second program on, but it always works eventually. I always end up falling asleep, not like last night!

Did you see the impact of the deep sleep stimulations?

Deep sleep stimulations definitely improved the length of my night’s sleep. I can sleep 11–12 hours. Once sleep, I’m in for a really long night! So the Dreem headband has improved both the quality and quantity of my sleep.

Do you check your sleep results on the Dreem Application?

Yes, I love it! When people have sleep issues, they are really worried about it. Not sleeping affects all aspects of life. It’s impossible to fall asleep at night, so it’s like a health program basically. Or a fitness program. People want to know where they stand, they want to see if they have made progress. It’s like a doctor taking your blood pressure. You want to know if it’s better than the previous week, or not. So yes, I check my results every morning.

To conclude, are you happy with your Dreem headband?

Yes. The sleep induction programs, helping me fall asleep, are really awesome. And I really enjoy discovering more about my night’s sleep on the mobile application. I also like the medical aspect of the headband.

Thanks Chloé for sharing your experience with the Dreem headband !

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