Dreem 2: All you need to know

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Dreem 2: All you need to know

Today is a big day for us, the release of our new headband- Dreem 2. From the very beginning, we’ve been working non-stop to create an effective solution that helps as many people as possible to solve their sleep problems. Our first headband, released in 2017 was the first step in this journey.
But now we’ve taken things further, listening to what our users have to say and fine-tuning our product to meet their needs. The result, Dreem 2 is more comfortable, flexible and efficient than ever before.  We’re excited to show you what’s changed.

Comfort first

Softer and more supple, Dreem 2 ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort. 10cm3 of lightweight, waterproof foam have been added to the headband, notably in the front band and side branches, for a more flexible, agreeable experience, whatever position you sleep in!

Dreem 2


One headband fits all

Dreem 2 comes with a set of band size adjusters in 3 sizes (S,M,L) that attach easily to the back of the headband. Whatever shape or size the head,  It stays in place throughout the night, ensuring more comfort and better contact with your skin for more precise measure.

dreem 2
Even more precision

A better fit also means a better signal quality, making Dreem 2 not only more comfortable but also more precise than ever before. How? In the front band, the sensors now sit on small springs, allowing them a closer skin contact all through the night, without leaving any marks on the forehead. The team has also changed the shape of the back electrodes so they sit more comfortably against the head and keep tracking as you move around in your sleep.

Dreem 2

Better sound quality

Our system of bone conduction has been revisited to create a more immersive, intimate listening experience. You can enjoy the headband’s active audio features in peace. And you won’t disturb the person sleeping next to you.

Dreem 2

More intuitive touchpad

The touchpad is back with a few tweaks to make it more intuitive. We’ve made it slightly larger (finger width), more raised and designed a new sound identity to make the touchpad easier to navigate during the night.

Dreem 2
A new, more accessible price

Dreem’s aim since the beginning has been to help as many people as possible resolve their sleep problems. That’s why making our price as accessible as possible is important. We’re happy to announce a new price point for Dreem 2 at 399€, or 3 installments of 133€ (and $499 for the US with the charging dock included). 

For US customers: please note that Dreem 2 doesn’t contain deep sleep stimulations feature anymore.

And for our existing users

Of course, we didn’t forget about our existing users. You can upgrade to Dreem 2 at an exclusive price, thanks to our GiveBack program. (Limited time only) 

Discover Dreem GiveBack (for european users)

For non European users, just contact our support team to know the different steps to get the discount: support@dreem.com

So, what are you waiting for?

Dreem 2 brings all the precision of a sleep clinic to the comfort of your own bed. But we don’t stop there! It’s there for you every step of the way, with the companion app and its library of dedicated sleep-restructuring programs designed to help you to resolve your sleep problems for better sleep, night after night.

Order Dreem 2

They love Dreem 2

Some of our users had access to Dreem 2 test units, here are their testimonials:

“Big progress since the last headband!”
Christine, 42 years old, Dreem 2 tester

“I move around a lot during the night, I was always worried about the headband falling off. One of the great things about Dreem 2, is that it doesn’t move around while I sleep thanks to the adjusters”
Philip, 46 years old, Dreem 2 tester

“This headband is much more comfortable and flexible, I can barely feel it during the night”
Andy, 31 years old, Dreem 2 tester

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