Dreem Testimonial: Charlotte, 48 nights

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Dreem Testimonial: Charlotte, 48 nights

” Now I jump out of bed every morning “, Dreem Testimonial: Charlotte, 48 nights with Dreem

Hi Charlotte! Can you tell us about your sleep?

My sleep patterns are quite irregular. I often wake up during the night, and then I wake up very early in the morning. In total, I don’t sleep a lot, only between 5 and 6 hours a night.

Why did you want to test Dreem?

I first discovered the headband on the internet, in a tech newspaper. There was an article introducing the headband. I really love new technologies and I liked the idea of optimizing sleep because sleep is a very precious thing today. I wanted to test the headband; it was an interesting challenge.

When you received the Dreem Band, what was your first impression?

My first impression? I was worried that it would be uncomfortable to sleep in. Fortunately, I was wrong!

Once I had it in my hands, it was quite light and nice to wear. I needed some time to find the right position, because of my hairstyle, but now it’s perfect. I don’t feel it anymore and the headband is really helpful and reliable (for the sleep data).

Tell us about your first night with the Dreem Band?

I slept very well! The falling asleep phase is really nice, it’s relaxing. During the night, I didn’t feel it at all… In the morning it was still positioned correctly, I didn’t have a headache and it was cool to see that the data matched how I felt.

How has the Dreem Band affected your sleep?

The headband has improved my sleep in several ways. Firstly, in the morning, when the Smart Alarm wakes me up at the optimal moment… It has completely changed my mornings. Now I jump out of bed every morning. I feel good and refreshed in the morning and as a result, I’m less tired during the day. Well, until the end of the day, of course! But generally, I definitely have more energy.

You have spent 48 nights with the Dreem Band. What’s your favorite feature?

I really like the Smart Alarm, because I wake up at the right moment to start my day. Before Dreem, it used to take me 30 minutes to wake up, even with my morning cup of coffee! Now with Dreem, I can start my day easily. For example, I used to wake up way before my alarm. But now I wake up exactly when the alarm rings. I sleep well throughout the whole night.

Do you use the falling asleep features?

Yes of course. Bone conduction is a really nice way to hear the relaxing sounds, through vibrations. I like the rhythm of the music. My favorite is the breathing techniques, they help me fall asleep faster. I match my breathing with the sea waves, I relax and I fall asleep.

What about the Dreem app? Do you check your results in the morning?

Yes! Every morning! I really enjoy looking at the efficiency of the headband and going over the results carefully. In fact, I always compare my sleep results with how I feel that day. I’m most interested in the graph showing the different sleep stages and the one with the deep sleep stimulations. It’s really instructive and I like knowing what time of the night I woke up.. or not!

Did you learn more about your sleep with the Dreem Band?

Yes, I’ve learned a lot of things — like micro-awakenings. I didn’t know that everybody wakes up too! I’ve also learned that I have a very deep sleep at the beginning of the night, like most people. I’m in REM stage for the rest of the night.

So Charlotte, what do you think about the Dreem Band now?

I’m very satisfied. I’m really convinced that this product improves sleep. I’ve already recommended it to others! I actually work day/night shifts in a hospital and for people with this kind of unusual schedule, I think it’s a good tool to find your sleep rhythm again.

Thanks, Charlotte for this great testimonial about the Dreem headband!

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