Dreem Testimonial: Constantin, 12 nights

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Dreem Testimonial: Constantin, 12 nights


Dreem Testimonial: Constantin 12 nights

“In general, I think I have more energy. I feel rested.
I feel more relaxed.” Constantin, 12 nights with Dreem

Hi Constantin. Do you have trouble sleeping?

I generally sleep quite well, around 7 hours a night. And now I fall asleep even faster!

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

I used to — there were always a thousand things running through my mind, things that I didn’t do during the day. Now every night I start a sleep induction program, with a sound recording. I focus on the sound and I fall asleep.

Have you tried any other solutions to improve your sleep?

I tried a mobile application, called Sleep Cycle. It wasn’t very effective, it was based on sound. But I wasn’t looking for noise analysis, so it wasn’t very performing.

What was your first impression when you received the Dreem headband?

It was way lighter than the previous version. I really found it more comfortable.

Tell us about your first night with the Dreem headband. How did it go?

I had a great night. It didn’t fall off in the night. It was the first test.

mieux dormir

Now, after 12 nights, what is your favorite feature?

I like seeing my sleep quality. We all have very busy, active lives and sometimes it’s hard to know if you had a good night or not. At least when I use the Dreem headband and I see that I have a good sleep quality, I’m definitely sure I had a good night!

Do you use the Falling Asleep features?

Yes, I mostly use the Air feature. Then I breathe following the program instructions and it works immediately. I can’t be distracted by anything else and after 5 minutes I fall asleep.

Do you check you sleep results on the Dreem app every morning?

Yes,  every morning! I just plug the headband in the morning, it synchs with the Wifi and the results appear quickly.

Did you learn more about your sleep with the Dreem headband?

Yes, I’ve learned a lot, especially about the structure of a night and the real amount of time spent sleeping. It’s really interesting to understand why the night was bad, why I woke up, to see the difference between deep sleep, REM Sleep…I know more about my sleep now.

To conclude, are you satisfied with the Dreem headband?

Definitely. I’m really satisfied, I think it’s really great. I enjoy being a part of this adventure.

Like a lot of people, I was a little bit anxious at the beginning; “Is Bluetooth on? Are they sending waves into my head?..”. But it’s all very clearly explained. I quickly understood how it worked, why nothing was going through my head. During the night, all my devices are on airplane mode and I sleep like a log now.


Thank you, Constantin for this interesting testimonial!

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