Testimonials: Dreem Program

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Testimonials: Dreem Program

In order to address their problems falling asleep or staying asleep, some of Dreem’s users choose to follow our  program . Designed to help people address the thought patterns and actions tied up in bad sleep, the program allows users to take the right steps to better sleep through dedicated exercises and expert advice. Here are a few testimonials on the program from an independent group of  Dreem users on Facebook. Thanks to Anne-Florence, Pierre, Marie and Marion for sharing their experiences.


Falling asleep

“My nights started to get progressively longer. Since I completed the program, I fall asleep in 10 minutes on average, I spend less time lying awake in bed.”

“I went from waking up 6-8 times per night to barely never thanks to Dreem’s program”

“Real progress was made after the  program, I went from waking up around 15 times a night to only 4”.

“I went from waking up 6-8 times per night to barely never thanks to the exercises and advice… I feel much healthier and alert during the day.”

It’s important to keep going!

Don’t give up!

“Sure it’s tough, but the results are there.”

“Hard work pays off. The program worked very, very well for me.”

“Keep going for as long as you can… even if the therapy can be really trying, you have to give it your all.”

“Even if it’s tough- you gotta give it your all!”

“It’s very useful, the ‘sacrifice’ is worth it!”

“The method can seem destabilizing and counterintuitive but it really does work. You’ve just gotta stick with it.”

Balancing work and the program

“I let my company know that I was undergoing a course of therapy to help with my chronic insomnia, and they were very understanding when I was (at times) a little snappy because I was tired. I also shortened my work days for 2 weeks to be able to cope.  During the weekend I took a 20-minute nap… in the end the program worked very, very well for me”

“I had to close my business for a few days in August, I was so tired because of the sleep restriction, but in the long run, it’s worth the effort.”

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New sleep habits

Relearning to go to bed at the right time

“The time you spend in bed gets shorter, not your actual sleep time. If, for example, I spend 9 hours in bed but only sleep 6, the program recommends just spending 6 hours in bed. It isn’t easy, but the results are there”

“I spent only 6 hours in bed every night for 2 weeks”

Adopting a good sleep routine

“I completed the beta version, and it was very hard to go to bed so late and without any screens. But eventually I found lots of different ways to keep myself busy: a little tidying, cooking, getting ready for the next day, shaping my eyebrows, I even played cards (which I hadn’t done for years). I pretty much tried anything that kept me awake.  All in all, it was totally worthwhile, the program worked very, very well for me”.

“The program worked very, very well for me”

“You really have to stick to the habits and routines that the program teaches you”.

A few closing statements:

“The results are there”

“Quite impressive”


The people have spoken! What we see is that while the program requires a lot of commitment and courage, the results are there for those who work for them. The program teaches you to adopt a good sleep routine to put an end to your sleep problems, without sleeping pills. 

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