Testimonial of Emmanuel, 284 nights with Dreem

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Testimonial of Emmanuel, 284 nights with Dreem

“The Dreem headband decreases my energy slumps”, Emmanuel, 284 nights with Dreem

Is sleep a problem for you?

Sleep is important to me because I often wake up during the night, I can’t get back to sleep, and often during the day, I have moments of fatigue.

What solutions have you tried to improve your nights?

I tried several solutions, including trackers, mobile applications, and lately Dreem.

Your experience with Dreem?

My experience with Dreem was excellent, I could see improvements in my sleep, and especially since I was more active during the day.

Have you noticed an evolution in your data?

Yes, there have been evolutions: ups and downs depending on life events. There was the change of time (the change from summer time to winter time) which disturbed me a lot. I lost everything I had gained before, and then gradually it came back.

Have you learned anything about your sleep?

Yes especially on the phases of sleep. At night when I woke up, I felt like I did not go back to sleep when actually I do. Somehow, it corrected my idea of sleep

And then in the afternoon I often felt tired, drained, Dreem decreases these energy slumps.

Thanks to Emmanuel for coming to testify of his experience with the Dreem headband!

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