Testimonial of Étienne, 99 nights with Dreem.

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Testimonial of Étienne, 99 nights with Dreem.

“I have been trying for a long time to maximize sleep to be more fit and more effective during the day.” Étienne, 99 nights with Dreem.

Hi Étienne, why did you want to improve your sleep?

For me, sleep represents a lot of time that could be better spent. I have always been fascinated by this issue. So for a long time I’ve been trying to optimize sleep in order to be fitter and more efficient during the day.

I think I’ve tried every headband, every application to optimize my sleep, but their efficacy has varied. Actually, the results are sometimes very unclear. I heard about Dreem by reading tech news and I was very proud to be selected as a beta-tester. I’ve been waiting for this because I think the product is brilliant.

Your experience with Dreem?

I wear this product almost every day, except during the holidays when I cannot always bring it with me. It allows me to sleep better, fall asleep faster.

It also helps me by waking up earlier than I anticipated, with the same level of energy (or even more) to fully enjoy my day.

Did Dreem improve your sleep?

Obviously. With the Dreem headband, I’ve learned a lot about my sleep stages and the quality of my sleep. I can say that Dreem has improved my sleep because I perform better during the day. And I even reduced my sleep time thanks to the headband. It has been an amazing experience for me.

Thanks, Etienne for this great testimonial about your Dreem experience!


Dreem helps you improve your sleep, step by step: from the assessment of your needs to restructuring your sleep via dedicated coaching programs, to long-term optimization with effective techniques. Dreem was born from a major neuroscientific breakthrough. Thanks to our technological advances, the support of thousands of users, and collaborations with leading research centers, Dreem is the most holistic sleep solution to date.

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