Testimonial of Gilles, 131 nights with Dreem

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Testimonial of Gilles, 131 nights with Dreem
  • “Every morning, I start my day by checking my Dreem App: So, how did it go last night ?”, Gilles, 131 nights with Dreem

Hi Gilles! What made you want to try Dreem? Is sleep an issue for you?

Sleep is not a problem for me. I was more interested in the experience, I wanted to know more about my sleep. And I also wanted to see if it’s possible to sleep a little bit less!

Somehow, sleep seems to be a waste of time. So if there is an effective way to sleep better while being more efficient, it’s worth looking at!

Tell us about your experience with the Dreem headband. Was it helpful?

Yes, I really enjoy having feedback about my sleep and the different stages of my night. You hear a lot about “deep sleep”, “REM Sleep”, but it’s never very clear. With the headband, you can actually quantify every stage of your night. It gives a better insight into what happens during the night.

mieux dormir

Gilles, are you still using the Dreem Band today?

Every morning, I start my day by checking the Dreem application on my mobile. “So how did it go tonight? Was it different compared to other nights? What happened?”

Do you use the sleep induction features?

Yes. I use the sounds to fall asleep and I’ve found the perfect sound for me — it’s the beach one with the seagulls. It’s better than fire or snow, it’s really nice and it obviously works for me.

Thank you, Gilles, for sharing your testimonial about the Dreem Band today!

Dreem helps you improve your sleep, step by step: from the assessment of your needs to restructuring your sleep via dedicated coaching programs to long-term optimization with effective techniques. Dreem was born from a major neuroscientific breakthrough. Thanks to our technological advances, the support of thousands of users, and collaborations with leading research centers, Dreem is the most holistic sleep solution to date.


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