Meet Hsin-Yin, Head of Materials Development at Dreem

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Meet Hsin-Yin, Head of Materials Development at Dreem

Being part of any cutting-edge, fast-moving team is hard work. It takes dedication, perseverance, and a ton of hope to wake up in the morning and dedicate yourself to something that is pushing the envelope so far. That’s life at Dreem — where every day presents a new challenge and a new way to solve it. To see what keeps our employees coming back each morning — and what those days look like — we’re asking team members a series of Tough Questions. Here, Head of Materials Development Hsin-Yin Chiang tells us why working at Dreem means feeling like Neil Armstrong — and where geometry comes into play.

Hi Hsin-Yin. What is the most exciting thing about working at Dreem?

It’s like being part of history. What we work on is a unique and novel product that will change human society. It will indeed help us understand our own sleeping, which takes up over a third of our lifetimes. At Dreem, we are like Neil Armstrong. We’re making a giant leap for mankind.

Is there something you do at Dreem that you’d not have been able to do anywhere else?

People are young and passionate here. Thanks to the young team that we’ve built, our minds are not restricted. They can be more creative than anywhere else. I also love the opportunity to work on such innovative technology. It feels indeed like we’re truly doing something important that will actually benefit people and move the needle in terms of their own mental and physical health. That’s a powerful opportunity that I don’t think I’d find elsewhere.

What made you join Dreem when you did?

I really like the idea of the company that is willing to explore, to take risks,…  I believe with this spirit, Dreem will be able to develop a product that will make a major difference to a huge number of people. We’re at a unique point in our company’s history. Full of excitement, hard work, and potential. How could I pass up the chance to be a leader at a company like this?

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Hsin-Yin, how do you develop customized and comfortable dry electrodes with an equivalent acquisition of research labs?

We have focused on studying both geometry and materials of dry electrodes for the Dreem headband. In order to have a comfortable dry electrode with a credible signal acquisition, a good combination of these two factors is necessary. For the electrode geometry, many investigations have been conducted in hair types, head size, and more to conclude the optimized geometric parameters. With the creative input from colleagues at Dreem, the dry electrode now functions well and looks nice too.

As for the materials selection, studies like skin/electrode interface, conductivity requirement, and surface wettability have been performed in order to fully understand the best material, or the best properties, for EEG detection. Meanwhile, we also work closely with many research institutions in terms of customizing novel conductive materials for continuous materials studies.

Thanks, Hsin-Yin for this interview!

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