Testimonial of Jonathan, 67 nights with Dreem

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Testimonial of Jonathan, 67 nights with Dreem
  • “In the morning, I get up in less than 5 minutes”, Jonathan, 67 nights with Dreem

Hi Jonathan! Can you describe your sleep for us?

I used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep and I used to wake up during the night. I’m restless in the night. I overthink, I mull over things a lot. It lasts for hours. I just can’t stop thinking.

Before Dreem, did you try other solutions? Why did you want to test the Dreem headband?

Yes, I did but I never found the right solution. I tried breathing exercises, I tried to stop watching screens before bedtime. It helped a little bit but it was very constraining.

I knew the fundamentals of sleep stimulation. The Dreem headband seemed to be the first credible and safe solution. I admit that some people are afraid of wearing something during the night. But I was very curious, I’d heard about these stimulations for a while

As a whole, did the Dreem headband help you sleep better?

Yes, it did. Especially in terms of falling asleep faster. It took me some time in the beginning to discover all the different features. But I had an excellent experience, in fact, I wore the headband in a different environment and I fell asleep in 5 minutes! Without the headband, it would have taken about 3 hours. My favorite feature is Ambiance.

Let’s talk about deep sleep stimulations. Did they have an effect on your energy during the day?

After one week of using the headband, I started to feel weird when I woke up. I was really more active in the morning — it’s not usually like this! I was more active and efficient.

The Smart Alarm must have something to do with this. Now it’s easy to wake up, so the Alarm probably starts at the right moment.

Within 5 minutes, I was out of bed and preparing a cup of tea. I have more motivation to start my day.

Do you check your sleep results on the Dreem App?

Yes, it’s always interesting to compare how you feel and the record of your brain activity on the application. Sometimes you feel like you fell asleep quickly but then the device tells you it was a bit longer than normal.

What really strikes me is the real number of hours asleep. I have a real record, which is not biased by anything. I became aware of my sleep and it would be impossible to do so without Dreem.

Thanks, Jonathan for sharing your thoughts with us!

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