Talk with Laurent Alexandre, founder of Doctissimo

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Talk with Laurent Alexandre, founder of Doctissimo

Dr. Laurent Alexandre, our guide, and investor share his perspective on the future of neurotechnology and on why he invested in Dreem.

Meet Laurent Alexandre

Laurent Alexandre is a French surgeon-urologist, entrepreneur, author, and investor.

He is interested in the transhumanism intellectual movement and dislocation that could experience mankind. He regularly contributes in the media and speaks at prestigious conferences to share his knowledge and vision about this movement. Finally, he is a columnist for the Huffington Post and the French newspaper Le Monde.

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About the Dreem journey

Dreem helps you improve your sleep, step by step: from the assessment of your needs to restructuring your sleep via dedicated coaching programs to long-term optimization with effective techniques. Returning to quality sleep takes physiological and psychological work, plus a few adjustments to your environment. Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight; that’s why Dreem is here to guide you, every step of the way. 

The first seven nights are dedicated to studying your sleep. During each of these, the Dreem Band collects key physiological information to objectively evaluate your sleep. And during the day, the Dreem Coach gets to know you better by asking in-app questions. At the end of the analysis phase, the Dreem Coach delivers a detailed sleep report that sheds some light on your nights: structure and general averages, chronotype, types of sleep-related problems and their causes, and more. It then suggests a customized action plan to improve them. 

Improving sleep isn’t just about changing our habits; it’s about changing our minds too.

If Dreem detected any structural or behavioral abnormalities in the previous stage, it will recommend a bespoke program to help you rebuild your sleep. Chronic or paradoxical insomnia, anxiety… each program tackles a specific problem. Using practical tips and personalized exercises, the Dreem Coach guides and motivates you, all while ensuring your sleep is successfully restructured. 

Once you get to this stage, your sleep should have a pretty good structure. This is why the restructuring stage is so important. Now Dreem moves into optimization mode. In this stage, Dreem makes final tweaks to optimize your nights. Sound stimuli that increase the quality of deep sleep, programs dedicated to one-off needs, or relaxation techniques to better prepare your body for sleep – Dreem offers a set of tools with proven efficacy, to make sure you get the most out of your nights.


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