Meditate to fall asleep more easily?

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Meditate to fall asleep more easily?

After a busy day of work, it is sometimes difficult to let go and return to a state of inner calm. The thoughts come and go, we are already preparing the day of tomorrow mentally with scenarios that will certainly never happen. And once the time to go to bed comes, our mind remains awake, polluted by the flow of incessant thoughts. It’s time to meditate!

Among its features of help with sleep onset, Dreem offers you to relax the time of a guided meditation.

Why is it important to meditate before going to bed?

  • Increased creativity, better management of emotions and pain, reduced stress and high blood pressure … Here are some examples of the non-exhaustive list of benefits offered by regular meditation practice.

Meditation is often characterized by a slowing down of the metabolism which is further manifested by a slowing of the heart rate and the start of the recovery process. In a state of deep meditation, theta rhythms (oscillations resulting from a cerebral activity that occur during a state of sleep onset or low vigilance) have been observed (Young et al., 1998). This means that a person who meditates prepares their body to return to the process of falling asleep. They will find sleep more easily and in a shorter time.

What does the Meditation program consist of?

In the Meditation mode found in the Dreem app, voice prompts and background music invites you to focus on your breathing or different parts of your body, as well as your feelings. Periods without voice instructions are also incorporated. They give you time to focus and modulate and become aware of your physiological state based on the feedback received by Dreem.

So you do not need to be a regular meditator to adopt this feature. Dreem helps you and guides you through the session. Once asleep, the voice instruction stops and only the background music continues until you are completely asleep.  

Who can meditate?

Meditation is ideal for users who feel stress or have a high level of stress during the day. Focusing on the vocal instructions will help distract your mind from possible negative thoughts and ruminations. It will bring you to focus on your body and your feelings to gently accompany you to sleep.

Discover the other sleep-assisting features offered by Dreem:

– Relaxing sounds

– Cognition

– Breathing exercises

These features are all available through the application Dreem (Ios and Android) that you can download to program your headband and will be regularly updated to provide you with the most optimal experience. Let’s meditate!


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