Dreem Testimonial: Pierre, 38 nights

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Dreem Testimonial: Pierre, 38 nights

Dreem Testimonial: Pierre

“I know I won’t lounge around in bed for another 5, 10 minutes.” Pierre, 38 nights with Dreem

Hi Pierre. Do you have trouble sleeping? Why did you want to test the Dreem headband?

Yes indeed. I’ve had trouble falling asleep since childhood. It can take me an hour, an hour and a half. I mull over things. I have thoughts running through my head. So when this company was created 2 or 3 years ago I thought: perfect! So I really wanted to try out the headband.

What was your first impression when you put Dreem on your head?

I was quite curious actually. I had seen how it had developed and wondered: how does it actually work? When I put it on my head it was light, easy to wear. I can’t remember many things from the first night.. just that I fell asleep very quickly. I had set the Smart Alarm for the morning so it was nice to wake up to the sound of the waves!

Did you try the Relaxation features to fall asleep faster?

In the beginning, I tried out the different options. I thought Ambiance would be great and yes, it worked immediately. I also tried Air, Flow, and Words but these were less effective for me. Hearing a repetitive melody in my head might mean that my mind focuses solely on it. I can’t think about anything else and I just fall asleep. I think I’ve used Ambience at least 25 times and it’s been efficient almost every time.

You mentioned the Smart Alarm: do you use it often?

Yes, it is very well done. When I wake up, I feel “It was the right time to wake up”. And I actually feel more refreshed. I know I won’t lounge around in bed for another 5, 10 minutes.

Is the headband comfortable?

I have nothing to say about comfort. It’s light, it’s nice. After a moment or two wearing it I forget about it. The first few nights, I would be thinking “There is something on my head”, but then I forget about it.

In the morning, do you check your data on the Dreem app?

Yes, I check my data very often. The thing I most care about is the distribution of the different sleep stages. REM Sleep, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep… It’s really interesting.

I also check how many times I moved during the night, things like that. The mobile application is really easy to use, the menus are clear… it’s swift and effective.

How does it feel to hear sound via bone conduction?

It works very well. I once put the headband on whilst wearing earplugs because there was noise outside. Thanks to bone conduction, I could hear the sound really well, so yes it was effective.

To conclude, are you satisfied with the Dreem headband?

Yes! It didn’t turn my life around, but it improves my daily life. I can imagine wearing it at certain periods. After some irregular routines, when I go back to work.. I think it could help.

Thanks, Pierre for testing the headband and sharing your experience with us!


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