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How should I relax before going to bed?

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Falling asleep quickly is a key parameter of a good night’s sleep. For “bad” sleepers, it is often precisely this stage of sleep onset that causes a problem. A sleeping environment that is too stimulating, the brain that cannot stop ruminating and the time between bedtime and sleep become longer and longer … It’s initial insomnia. How can Dreem help you fall asleep faster thank to relaxing sounds?

The creation of dedicated audio programs and relaxing sounds

At Dreem, we have relied on years of sleep research to create dedicated audio programs. They aim at helping you relax and fall asleep faster. These features are all available via the application Dreem (iOS and Android) that you can download to program your headband and will be regularly updated to provide you with the most optimal experience.

Among the various features of help to fall asleep, Dreem offers to be with you through different atmospheres and relaxing sounds.

Serenity, Zen, Relaxation, music for relaxation and meditation are some of the most popular strategies for falling asleep. Beyond popular practice, the effectiveness of this type of sound to facilitate falling asleep has been scientifically demonstrated. These sounds hide the noise of your environment, like the ticking of a clock, the creak of the wood, the passing of cars in front of the house.

  • The excitability of your brain decreases. You let your body relax and slide into sleepiness until you fall asleep more easily.

Sounds inspired by nature

Our technical teams have generated customized, rich and realistic versions of sound environments known to be conducive to falling asleep. Transmitted by bone conduction, these sounds transport you through different atmospheres, which you will select in advance on the application: Allow yourself to rest during a drive, relax on a winter’s day listening to the falling rain or relax on a beach, rocked by the sound of the ocean’s waves.

Sounds synchronized with your sleep stages

To accompany you gently, Dreem will adapt the sound broadcast to the stage of sleep onset you’re at. This stage will be revealed by your brain waves, your electroencephalogram.  

falling asleep faster relaxing sounds

At the beginning of the exercise, the volume of the chosen audio content is set according to your choice. Gradually, based on changes in brain activity, sounds fade and stop when you are completely asleep.  

  • Used regularly, this feature will be an integral part of the bedtime ritual, with your favorite sound gradually becoming part of sleep. The time it takes you to fall asleep will be reduced gradually.

Discover the other sleep-assisting features offered by Dreem:

Respiratory exercises

Guided Meditations

“Cognition” function limiting rumination


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