Testimonial of Samuel, 201 nights with Dreem

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Testimonial of Samuel, 201 nights with Dreem
  • “I now fall asleep in 10 minutes”, Samuel, 201 nights with Dreem

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Yes, I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and my nights are fragmented. When I wake up, I find it really difficult to fall asleep again. So I sleep badly, between 3–4.5 hours a night.

Have you tried any other solutions to improve your sleep?

Yes, I’ve tried a whole range of medicinal solutions; drugs, chemical substances (and their side effects) and also herbal medicines. I stopped using drugs because I could see it wasn’t working for me. As for the herbal medicines, they weren’t efficient either.


Your experience with the Dreem Band?

I discovered the headband on the news, on TV. Sleep is a problem for me so I thought, why not? I saw the partnership with Hotel Dieu, a famous French hospital, and some of the team members come from the best engineering school in France. It’s reassuring.

So I was selected to test the headband and after 3–4 weeks, the results showed. I was able to see that my sleep had improved. Now I fall asleep quicker. I still have difficulties, I cannot fall asleep in 5 minutes (Before Dreem, it took me one or two hours to fall asleep).

But now I fall asleep in 10 minutes. In the morning, I feel more energized. And if I wake up during the night, I fall back to sleep, which was impossible for me in the past! So my sleep has really improved with the headband.

What’s your favorite Dreem feature?

The sleep induction features, as you can see. I use them systematically.

Thanks, Samuel for this great testimonial about your Dreem experience!

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