Testimonial of Véronique, 276 nights with Dreem

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Testimonial of Véronique, 276 nights with Dreem

“It was important for me to better understand my sleep and to act on it to be more efficient during the day.” Véronique, 276 nights with Dreem

Hi Véronique. Why is sleep important for you?

I have always been a good sleeper. But I recently changed job and I am more stressed. I sleep badly, I wake up during the night and it’s hard to go back to sleep.

So it was important for me to better understand my sleep and to act on it to be more refreshed and more efficient during the day.

How was your experience with the Dreem headband?

I wear it almost every night, except when I travel. I’ve realized that I have a high percentage of deep sleep. It also reassures me to see that if I have a bad night’s sleep, I catch up on it the following night. So it’s made me understand my sleep more and each night!

I really enjoy the relaxing sounds, I use them a lot. It stops me mulling over things at night and helps me relax. I love the waves and the canoe sounds, these are my favorites!

Thank you, Véronique for coming to testify your experience with the banner Dreem!

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