What kind of sleeper are you?

To act on your sleep, you must first understand it. It is the main objective of our sleep test. It will allow you to better know your sleep and to receive personalized advice from our experts in addition. Let’s find now what kind of sleeper you are!

what kind of sleeper are you

Who designed this sleep test?

We are Dreem, a French company specializing in neurotechnologies. Our first product, the Dreem headband, is an effective, non-invasive solution that improves sleep in real time.

The mysleepprofile.dreem.com website was developed in collaboration with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), an American organization specializing in the study, education, and promotion of sleep since 1990. The NSF kindly gave us access to their data to build this questionnaire.

How is this test designed?

Through this questionnaire, we analyze all the factors that influence the quality of your nights:

  • sleep time
  • problems falling asleep
  • time to fall asleep
  • night awakenings
  • morning awakening
  • activities before bedtime
  • impact of sleep on daytime activity
  • time of the day when you feel the fittest
  • the number of naps

From your answers, our algorithm calculates your sleep score. This score out of 100 allows you to appreciate the overall quality of your sleep compared to the rest of the population and your age group.

But beyond the score, you also get many tips tailored to your type of sleep to sleep better.

For example, the sleep test detects that you have an early bird chronotype, your energy level will peak in the morning, and you can organize accordingly.

If you have nocturnal awakenings or difficulties falling asleep, you will also receive specific advice for this problem.

And you, do you really know what kind of sleeper you are?

Judging the quality of a night is extremely complex: there is no perfect night.

In addition, all sleepers are different: genetics, lifestyle, activity, chronotype … That’s why we provide you with advice adapted to your sleep.

And you, what score do you get? Discover it here

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