Working at Dreem: Olivier, Engineering & Software Director

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Working at Dreem: Olivier, Engineering & Software Director

When creating a new product completely from scratch, you’re presented with obstacle after obstacle. Among them: getting funding, finding customers, engineering a prototype, actually selling it. And, last but not totally least, still finding time to have a life. But there’s one aspect of the startup life that shouldn’t be so difficult: the people you do it with. At Dreem, we’ve built an incredible team of talented, smart, hard-working, and all-around great people. It’s time you met them. This time, we talk about working at Dreem with Olivier Tranzer, Director of Engineering and Software. We ask this  two-year Dreem veteran, some tough questions about his job, how he feels about working with us, and how he’s managed to build a scalable, secure system to store data. 

What makes working at Dreem better than other tech companies?

Dreem is a company that challenges me every day, where we get to faces complex, multidisciplinary issues. And we couldn’t develop the best active sleep device on the market without working with a talented expert in every field. It’s this interaction between beautiful minds that makes working at Dreem a unique and exciting experience.

Working at Dreem in engineering and software, what makes Dreem different?

At Dreem, we trust people. This means you have the liberty to use the technologies you want to develop the product. But it also means you are responsible for your results. It helps each person on the team to get better and that’s not something you see very often in companies.

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We also have the chance to work on cutting-edge technology and innovate in ways that no one else in the field is doing. Being able to feel like I’m really moving the needle on our product — and how the world sleeps — is huge. There’s never a dull moment, thinking about the impact that the Dreem headband could have on the world.

What made you join Dreem when you did?

I met Hugo and Quentin (our two founders) in a start-up meeting not long before they created the company. We worked together on a small project and I was immediately impressed both by their talent and their vision. They know where they want to go and, even more important, they know how to get there. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when they asked me to join the first team.

How do you build a safe, scaled system able to store and analyze such a massive amount of data?

Every single morning, when people wake up, we’re collecting a huge quantity of sleep data, as we record our Dreem users’ EEG throughout the night. We’ve then built a system that allows all this data to be uploaded and stored efficiently without any loss. All of these records are then post-processed by machine learning algorithms to optimize our efficiency.

This is all possible thanks to the micro-services architecture that we set up. We have no less than 12 services that each own a particular role. Data storage, algorithm processing, headband monitoring, firmware updates, etc.

Security is hugely important to us at Dreem — how do you ensure that our users’ data is protected?

The micro-service architecture that stores all of these data are protected by a strong authentication layer to make sure that all information is safe with us. Our permission policies are really strict, making sure people only get what they need to access and nothing more. This complex architecture also allows us to independently scale each service depending on the needs. For instance, in the morning, the data-upload service is autoscaled to receive all of our user data, without any service interruption.

Working at Dreem- what about you? 

If you liked Olivier’s experience working at Dreem or you’re interested in engineering and software, take a look at our open positions and get it touch! 

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