Sleep Test: Check the quality of your sleep

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Sleep Test: Check the quality of your sleep

Before you can start to take action on your sleep, you first need to understand it. With this sleep test, you’ll be able to check the quality of your sleep and receive personalized advice from sleep experts.

Good sleep, fragile sleep, insomnia… discover your sleep profile now!




How is sleep quality tested?

Evaluating and judging the quality of your sleep is pretty difficult to do by yourself. What’s more we’re all different: Genetics, lifestyle, activity, chronotype- all these factors can have a big effect on how we sleep.

The most precise way to analyse your sleep is to use polysomnography, complicated technology found in sleep clinics. The Dreem headband offers the same level of precision as polysomnography in a lighter, more comfortable format, plus you can use it from home!

But before any of that you can already test your sleep quality from your computer in under 5 minutes with our test.

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What does this sleep test do?

This test was created by Dreem’s sleep experts in collaboration with experts from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), an organisation dedicated to the study of sleep since the 1990s.

This test will allow you to analyze:

  • Your total sleep time
  • Your difficulty falling asleep
  • The times you wake up in the nights
  • The time your wake up in the morning
  • Your pre-bedtime activities
  • The impact of your sleep on your daytime activities
  • The moment of the day where you feel the most energetic
  • How many naps you take

Sleep-improving advice

Based on your answers the Dreem algorithm is able to calculate your sleep score. It will give you an idea of the quality of your sleep compared to the rest of the population.

According to this score, we’ll provide you with tips and advice especially adapted to your sleep type to help you sleep better.

If for example, your sleep score indicates that you’re showing signs of insomnia, you’ll receive specific advice explaining the measures you can take to resolve it.

Check the quality of your sleep now

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Discover your sleeper profile with this sleep test

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