How can Dreem help me fall asleep?

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How can Dreem help me fall asleep?

How easy do you find it to fall asleep? How can Dreem help you fall asleep? If you’re looking for answers you’ve come to the right place! Falling asleep quickly and efficiently is a key parameter of a good night’s sleep. In “bad” sleepers, it is often precisely this stage of sleep onset that causes a problem. Add an overly stimulating sleep environment to stress and worry and the brain that cannot stop ruminating. The time between bedtime and sleep gets longer and longer. The good news is that there’s help for that!  you can now fall asleep with Dreem’s audio programs.  

To reduce that sleep onset time, Dreem has dedicated years of sleep research to create audio programs that will help you relax and fall asleep quicker. 

Among the features to help you fall asleep, Dreem’s program ‘Cognition’ aims to  distract your mind with random words, shifting your focus from stress accumulated throughout the day.

 Before we look at how Dreem can help you fall asleep in more detail, let’s look at the problem we’re dealing with… mental rumination. 

What is mental rumination? 

Whether you focus on the fact that you are unable to fall asleep, whether you are mentally replaying the tense discussion with your supervisor or repeating for the umpteenth time the estimate of a home loan, your brain is too busy to let you sleep. In addition, cognitive hyperexcitation due to stress, whether acute or chronic, increases the time spent trying to find sleep and actively trying to fall asleep becomes counterproductive. These thoughts, consistent and often stressful, interfere with the processes of falling asleep. The train of your thoughts is distracted by a demanding cognitive task to balance the bad thoughts that prevent sleep. Falling asleep can then occur more quickly (Beaudoin, 2014). In this perspective, Dreem has developed a “super-somnolent mentation” feature, which will both prevent you from returning to your mental ruminations and be with you in the process of sleep onset.

  • The principle of the technique of Cognition is to stay focused on a sequence of words played by your headband.

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Fall asleep with Dreem’s Cognition 

You can choose to fall asleep with one of Dreem’s 3 different themes, each composed of several hundred words. You will be invited to focus on the words that will be proposed to you. Every few seconds, you’ll have to imagine them, to visualize them. As the proposals progress, they explore other lexical fields randomly. Concentrated on their mental representation, you have no room for mental rumination. Your thinking gradually loses its coherence and your level of stress diminishes until completely disappearing. This is the signal to your brain that you are falling asleep, triggering biological processes that lead to falling asleep.

When the brain activity of the user shows that he begins to fall asleep and his attention diminishes, the words are spaced out. Plus, the sound volume decreases until shutting off completely once you’re asleep. 


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