Sleep well in summer: 4 tips

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Sleep well in summer: 4 tips

Sleep well, keep cool, and enjoy your summer 

Summer holidays go hand in hand with social life and joie de vivre. Afternoon naps in a shady spot, garden BBQs that last long into the night, cocktails on the beach, swimming… At Dreem we love summer!  But as you may have noticed after this summer’s heatwaves, sleeping well in summer can be hard! What’s more, the change of rhythm that takes place during the lazy summer months can also disrupt even the most solid of sleep routines. Here we explain how you can enjoy the best of both worlds: Making the most of all the joys of summer and making sure you sleep well.   

Sleep well, but first prepare your room

In order to sleep well, you first need to create a calm and cool environment for yourself. Consider replacing your duvet with cotton sheets, thanks to which you will feel more air circulating in your room. Besides, don’t forget to close your curtains and blinds, to maintain a cool temperature. What’s more if you live in an area with a lot of mosquitos, it may be worth investing in a couple of mosquito-repelling devices. 

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Stay hydrated all day long

Just like your mother told you: Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day. And keep your body temperature down: Having a cold shower during the day is an option, as in using cooling yourself with a water spray. Plus, when bedtime comes, you can apply a damp flannel to your skin or an ice pack in your bed.


Sleep well, cook less! 

While no-one is probably cooking up hearty stews on a summer’s day, roasted or long-simmering dishes, cooking for several hours, can still contribute to heating up your entire house. Fresh dishes, such as salads, are unsurprisingly good choices in warm weather. Also keep in mind that light meals are much easier to digest, and will help you sleep more soundly.

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Sleep well, in different time-zones

When you reach your destination, try not to nap! Wait for the evening to go to bed at your usual time (on local time). It is recommended to do outdoors activities (such as sports) the next day too. Physical activity and sunlight are interpreted as wake-up signals by your body.  



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